about sunny in georgia

Sunny in Georgia, llc was founded in 2015, along with the arrival of Jessica's third daughter, Georgia. Frustrated with the lack of both quality and originality with baby and youth clothing, Jessica turned to her background in both fashion and marketing to do something. Straying from the typical "princess and big boy" graphics on clothing, Sunny in Georgia pulls from both Jessica's family life as well as her love for the south to design fun and unique clothing items. (The truck from the "pickin' up sunshine" shirt is her pop-pop's '41 Chevy). The line grew from babies/youth into also including men's, women's, and accessories.  Every graphic has a story...

As a company, Sunny in Georgia donates a portion of every sale to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. We believe in doing good, supporting local businesses, living happily, and giving back.  (Jessica also believes in kitchen dance parties, that pancakes can make any day better, and in the power of coffee)!

    sunny in georgia's team


      jessica, sunshine maker jessica (sunshine maker/creator)


         ron (beardo, tech guru, expert pancake maker)


        the meatballs, my inspiration team (and my bosses)the bosses (inspiration team and my meatballs)